Tuesday, October 13, 2009

TRICK OR TREAT 2009 ~ Giveaway No. 9

And the winner is...

CharSpirit's Creations!

Please contact Kaotic Ekko's Curiosities at
kaoticekko [at] gmail [dot] com
to claim your prize!

Thanks to all those who participated!

You can find more Halloween goodies in Kaotic Ekko's Curiosities shop!


Everyone needs a cute but creepy companion!
This CAT! will be more than happy to keep you company,
even light your way in the dark!

Kaotic Ekko's Curiosities' CAT! pin from the Curious Creatures Collection is purrrfectly happy to go home with the winner of this giveaway!

Click the link to for more information!

Now, I know you're dying to know how you can get your hands on this!

All you have to do is post your answer (and email) to
 Have you ever played any Halloween tricks? If so, did you get caught? 
(ie TP-ing, egging, silly string-ing, etc.)
in a comment below!

Yes! It's really that easy!

A winner will be chosen at random and announced Oct. 12th.
(that's only fair for those West coasters! Contest will end at 11:59pm PDT)

What are you waiting for?


  1. I TPed my boss's house once, but out of fun. We got TOTALLY busted but we were invited in for candy and cocoa! :D

  2. I was throwing eggs at an abandoned building with friends as a kid. Accidently hit a cop car going down the road. Never ran SO fast in my life! Totally learned my lesson. :P

  3. i tryed to scaryed someone but i got busted lol ^.^

  4. shaving cream and cherry bomb in a tail pipe.. bad bad neighbor! and.. hmmm. yes. BUSTED!!! HA!!

  5. shaving cream under door handles, fire crackers to startle people.. these were all when i was a lil older and at parties haha lotsa booze involved

  6. I onced dressed up like Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz...scared the children at school so bad I had to go wash off my face!

  7. Oh cool....Thanks so much! It will be a treasured handmade cat pin...:)