Saturday, October 10, 2009

FEATURED ARTISTS: Amy's Holiday Gifts and dCipollo Designs !!!

Friday's fabulous featured Ghouls!


Artist Bio:

Hello... I've been crafting in one medium or another since I was a kid. It is my after-hours hobby (or at times obsession). Most recently my time is invested in fused glass and jewelry and I'm enjoying expanding my horizons in both as well as taking opportunities to blend the two.

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Diane Cipollo

Artist Bio:

My name is Diane, but most people call me Wizzy the Web Wizard(TM) or just Wizzy for short. I got this nickname because I am always on the computer. Before I became permanently attached to my computer, I specialized in antique reproductions of Christmas collectibles, as well as pen and ink illustrations for greeting cards.

Since the computer changed my world, I started my own design business, dCipollo Designs, and I have enjoyed creating my own digital art as well as designing websites, blogs, auction templates and point of purchase designs for other artists and crafters.
Since 2003, I have been editor for several sections of the website. As editor, I write feature articles and reviews for the Digital Art, HTML, PHP and our newly added Flash section. My articles and tutorials teach others how to create original digital art, interactive animation and design web and print media using XHTML-CSS, Adobe Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and more.

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