Monday, October 12, 2009

FEATURED ARTISTS: 49 Stocker and A and M Boutique !!!

What? MORE featured artists? WOW!


Artist Bio:

I started crafting when I was a wee young girl, I often traveled to many craft shows. I am self taught learning some ideas from my Aunt and taking it from there. In about 2002 I opened my first online store. Now I have 2 wonderful blogs in which I sell my crafts in one and the other is about things I am working on, contests, giveaways, recipes adventures I am having and what ever else I can think of. I love making cloth dolls it is my favorite, but my quilts and crochet rag rugs have been moving up to second favorite with making rock cottages in a close third. My quits are quite different in that I use my cartooning to create them. That is right I once was a cartoonist and worked for 3 different newspapers making political and daily cartoons, also I did some cartooning for a book that was published called "BE BOLD GET OLD".

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Amy and Maggie

Artist Bio:

My name is Amy, and I love to sew. I love working with beautiful fabrics and make unique items that people can use, I take custom orders. I really enjoy needle felting purses.

My mother, Maggie, makes the most beautiful stained glass and mosaic creations. She has been working with glass for 12 years. She can also custom make items for you.

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Alexandra Aiken

Artist Bio:

My mother has taught me all I know about sewing, and I recently have started up a site selling coffee cup sleeves in the shape of bats. My mother and I came up with the idea one day out of nowhere and it really took off! I have always been interested in bats, I have volunteered with the Malayan and Island Flying foxes at the Oakland Zoo and also taken a bat rehabilitation class in Texas at Batworld!

I am a student at the University of California, Santa Cruz, I am a 3rd year anthropology major and I am currently researching the role bats have in numerous cultures throughout the world.

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  1. *waves at Batgirl* I can attest to how cool her bats are..I have ordered several! Just used one of them for eating ice cream. :)