Friday, October 9, 2009

FEATURED ARTISTS: Rsisland Crafts, Morgaine-du-Mer, and Virago Creations !!!

Three more fabulous Ghouls!

Robin LaLone

Artist Bio:

I am Robin of Rsislandcrafts and I live in a moderate size town in sunny Florida. I have always loved to make things with my hands. This love has grown over the years and has broadened as it has grown.
I love to knit, crochet, sew, quilt, work with beads and cross stitch. I love trying new ideas and looking for new and fun things to craft. I have recently begun designing my own patterns. I love making things that bring a smile to people young and old.

I have always believed that a handmade item will be remembered and loved for a lifetime. I put lots of love into each item I make.

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Artist Bio:

Are you as enchanted as I am by beings who are unseen by most and imagined by many? Have you ever walked along the seashore and out of the corner of your eye seen a mermaid flip her tail before disappearing beneath the waves? Or tread lightly in the forest and caught a glimpse of elfin magick beneath a cluster of mushrooms? Maybe you ambled through a shady glen and became enveloped by the glimmer of faery light left behind. Or danced at midnight under a full moon and heard an ethereal whisper beckoning you to look beyond the mist.

Come and meet those who dwell in mystical realms...

I am a self-taught painter working in pen and ink, watercolours and acrylics. Each image is hand-drawn, inked and painted by hand; taking many hours to complete. Nothing is computer-generated.

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Audrey Parker

Artist Bio:

I'm a multi-media artist who enjoys making jewelry, handmade paper using recycled and organic elements and all types of altered art including handpainted glass, altered books and collage on paper, wood and canvas.

I enjoy spending time at thrift stores and consignment boutiques looking for vintage jewelry. Some of the found jewelry is 'deconstructed' to make my own creations, while other finds are sold to like-minded jewelry artisans!

I sell a variety of items on eBay, Etsy, ShopHandmade, design special commission pieces and enter various jewelry competitions. In 2004, I won Third Place in the Turquoise Category in the annual Fire Mountain Gems competition. In addition, you can find my jewelry items at my own Virago Creations website, and the LJ Singer Gallery in Palm Springs, California.

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