Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ghouls Guild - FEATURED ARTISTS: Skelekitty & Surpreyes !!!

The exciting thing about the Ghouls Guild is the diverse talents of its artists! For the next 13 days we'll be showcasing the amazing art that makes our guild hauntingly beautiful.

Introducing today's featured artists:

Krissi Sandvik

Artist Bio:
Krissi Sandvik was raised by a pack of wild attorneys & a large console color TV in the SF Bay Area of the 1970s and 80s.

She currently lives in the Sacramento, CA area. She is best known as the creator of SKELEKITTY, whose popularity grows rapidly in spite of Krissi's constant look of shock and awe. She also formed and runs "Scary CRAFT," a group dedicated to sharing indie crafty knowledge, with her friend and partner in crafty crime, "Sacred" Yoli Manzo.

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For TRICK OR TREAT 2009, Skelekitty has the following sales! Use the coupon codes below to get your discount!

GHOULSGUILD666 = 66.6% off prints
GHOULSGUILD13 = 13% off original art

Heather L. Smith

Artist Bio:

I have been sewing and sculpting for many (many) years and have had the great pleasure of working in the costume shops of some amazing companies such as Henson Associates, Cirque du Soleil and Nickelodeon; and have learned so much from each one. When I left Cirque to raise my daughter, I started making art dolls combining clay and fabric of three characters from La Nouba, which Cirque sold in their boutiques around the world. Then I was hooked on doll making.

The clay boxes originated in 1984 from a school assignment to make a a box in pottery class. A year ago I revisited and updated the idea to what is in this shop. Please visit my blog for more information on the transformation from old to new and up to date inspirations:

ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade Surpreyes WebsiteSurpreyes BlogSurpreyes EtsySurpreyes FacebookSurpreyes TwitterSurpreyes YouTubeSurpreyes

Check back tomorrow when we'll feature two more Guild members!

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