Friday, July 2, 2010

Fall is Getting Closer

Hi Ghouls Guild members,
Fall is ever approaching, I usually start thinking about fall once August gets here, even though I live in hot and humid Florida. It may be getting time to start thinking about this Halloween and start making more products for this coming sales extravaganza on Artfire. Let me know what you think. I really enjoyed the excitement of last years blogposts and promotions.
Thanks for your time,

Monday, January 18, 2010

Dark Art Valentine ACEOs

Halloween is still months away. So I've been working on some dark art Valentines :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thanks for the Invitation!

I'm honored to be able to post here!  My name is Betsy and I'm a stay at home Mom of 2 boys.  I make dollhouse miniatures, but my secret love is Halloween!  If I had the money I'd have a house full of old vintage jack-o-lanterns, die cuts, and a book case full of those amazing old postcards.  Well, instead I have a huge collection of vintage images ~ that I like to play with.  The lovely lady on the right was turned into a Good Witch.  I think she looks like the kind of witch who would brew you a love potion and bake you some cookies as well.

Feel free to use this business card for all of your potion brewing needs!

Please feel free to use this label :-)

I'd also love to show you something from one of the newest Ghoul's Guild member - Battle Hill Forge - this thing Rocks!  This Epic "Pumpkin Head Scarecrow Sculpture" will scare the bejesus out of your neighbors (I would love to have this thing in my front lawn all year - OMG the neighborhood association would have a cow!)...this thing even lights up!  He's 6 feet of terror - I want him.

OK, that's all for now....have to go to basketball practice, although I'd rather be trick or treating.

Oh...I didn't show you what I make...hehehe....

Yeah...self promotion...sorry about that - my Artfire shop is  ChocolateRabbit these are some potion bottle labels that I have in my shop - sorry about the watermarks, but they don't show up on the real sheets.  Now off to basketball practice!!